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Way back in 2013, Jenni made a decision that would change the course of her life forever... she started a radio show. This venture brought Joanie, Jenni's mom, on board in 2014. Joanie, then navigating through her breast cancer diagnosis, found a new purpose and inspiration through interviewing authors and musicians. This involvement not only gave Joanie a creative outlet during her treatment but also deepened her connection to the compelling stories of these artists and entrepreneurs.


Their journey evolved into worldwide travels, gathering stories that highlighted the passion behind personal and professional successes. Joanie and Jenni learned the art of turning these narratives into powerful marketing tools for businesses and destinations. They discovered that authentic stories foster connections, connections build trust, and trust creates lifetime  clients and customers.

Now, with Bring on the Biz, they are dedicated to elevating businesses in the travel and hospitality industry to new heights. These businesses include everything from restaurants and boutiques to cruise lines, hotels, and so much more.


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Joanie Jasper has always been a dreamer, with a vivid imagination and a lifelong dream of becoming a mother—a dream she cherishes every day. She now gets to use her mind full of ideas and work alongside her daughter, Jenni, bringing a unique blend of creativity and intuition to the marketing world.

Before stepping into the marketing sphere, Joanie was a dedicated teacher, a role that fostered her belief in the power of using individual strengths to build a dynamic and effective team. At Bring on the Biz, she leverages her background in education and her innate creativity to develop marketing strategies that resonate deeply with audiences.


Joanie's approach is centered around the genuine storytelling of brands. She believes that authentic narratives create meaningful connections with audiences, which are essential for building trust and loyalty. Her goal is to ensure that these stories not only reach but touch the hearts of the audience, ultimately driving sales and fostering a community around the brand.




Jenni Jasper’s fascination with storytelling began in her childhood, sparking a lifelong ambition to explore and narrate the as many stories as she could. This passion for narrative led her to pursue a degree in communications, where she mastered the ability to not only capture stories but also share them effectively. As a co-founder of Bring on the Biz, Jenni applies her refined storytelling prowess to elevate the voices of businesses, transforming their unique stories into powerful marketing campaigns that resonate with
broad audiences.

Jenni's marketing approach involves delving deep into the essence of each brand’s story and crafting messaging that aligns seamlessly with their identity and goals. This has not only driven success for the clients but has also cemented Bring on the Biz as a leader in creating meaningful
brand engagements.

Outside the professional sphere, Jenni is an avid coffee drinker and a devoted cat lover. Her free time often finds her sampling the latest coffee blends at local cafés around the world, watching Designing Women (for the millionth time), and spending time with her mom, business partner, and best friend at home or abroad. Jenni's personal and professional lives are threaded with a consistent theme: a deep-seated passion for storytelling and a commitment to enriching connections.

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